10 Mind Blowing Facts about Trains

10 Mind Blowing Facts about Trains

from FACT bits

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10 Mind Blowing Facts about Trains | FACT bits

10. The fastest train in the world is „Shanghai Maglev“ travels with a speed of 431 km/h. It can cross the distance of 30 km between Longyang Road station in Pudong to Pudong International Airport in 7 minutes and 20 seconds 00:08

9. World’s longest train journey without changing trains is 10,214 km from Moscow to Pyongyang, North Korea. It takes 7 days 20 hours 25 minutes to travel this distance 00:24

8. Glacier Express is the slowest express train in the world with an average speed of 18 mph. It is so slow that if you want to take a jog you can just hop out the back and run along. It runs between mountain resorts of St. Moritz and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps 0:37

7. Qinghai-Tibet Railway of China is the world’s highest railway in the world. It has a maximum elevation of 5,072 m above sea level 00:56

6. Seikan railway tunnel in Japan is both the longest and the deepest rail tunnel in the world. The track is 53.85 km long and is 240 m below sea level 01:10

5. World’s longest straight section of railway track is Nullarbor Plain in Australia. It is 478 km (297 miles) long and would take more than five hours to drive 01:22

4. World’s heaviest train ever recorded weighted 95,000 tonnes! This freight train from Australia was 7.3 kilometers long and had the weight of 27 thousand fully grown elephants 01:34

3. Current speed record for trains is held by French TGV bullet train. In test runs, the French TGV reached speeds of 584 km per hour and when it braked it took 16 kilometers (10 miles) to stop 01:45

2. The largest station in the world is Grand Central in New York. It has 44 platforms 01:58

1. The only railway to go to the top of a volcano was built on Mount Vesuvius in Italy, in 1880 02:10

Additional facts we have collected you might be interested.

** The first ever locomotive-hauled railway in the world was the Stockton to Darlington route. It opened in September 1825, and George Stephenson’s revolutionary ‚Locomotion 1‘ pulled the train.

** The longest UK train station name goes to the extremely hard to pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in Anglesey.

** The highest railway station in the world is at Condor in Bolivia. It is an altitude of 4,787 m which is three and a half times higher than Great Britain’s tallest mountain.

** The longest station seat in the world is at Scarborough station. It is 139m long.

** The steepest Cogwheel railway in the world is in Switzerland. It has a gradient of 48%.

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